Tips for best homemade coffee

How to make coffee taste better at home

We are a bunch of Coffee Lovers from India and in the process of setting up an online business to supply the best coffee ingredients and coffee making devices. We will have a selection of the best coffee beans sourced mostly from the growers of fine coffee. We will also be marketing the best coffee making appliances and devices. We need a little more time to finish the process of setting up shop and getting the required permits and licences. Please keep a tab on this website, because it will soon be open for online orders. Expect to see some unique coffee products meant for those who yearn for that super cup of coffee daily.

Why some coffee taste so good?

This is a question that our founder and lead investor has been asking himself for many years. He is a retired Graduate Mechanical Engineer who worked in Dubai for almost 40 years. This is what he says.

“I love my coffee and over the years bought and discarded many coffee making machines, because none of the machines, some quite expensive, met my expectations.

So after retirement and settling in India, with plenty of spare time, I pursued my obsession of making that perfect coffee. I am a BE (B.Tech. now) Mechanical Engineer from the old school, before the age of calculators, when we had to do all our complicated calculations using a slide rule. So we try to analyse problems as simply as possible, and my thoughts on making a perfect coffee went something like this:

  1. The coffee flavour must not escape with the steam while it is brewing. Steam is a very good carrier of flavours and fragrances from substances. For example, Steam distillation is an industrial process to extract essential oils, flavours and fragrance from spices, sandalwood, lemon grass, etc. So if steam is allowed to escape while brewing coffee, the coffee flavours will be carried away with the steam and the resulting coffee will taste bland.
  2. If the coffee is boiled at a higher temperature it will extract all the goodness of coffee, including all its flavours
  3. But these two criteria, that is, to boil at a higher temperature without losing steam, is like a high pressure boiler. So will require to boil the coffee in some sort of a closed pressure vessel without letting out steam.

One afternoon, while I was getting up from an afternoon nap, it suddenly dawned on me that there is a perfect instrument meeting all these criteria in the kitchen – The Pressure Cooker! So, I got my team together and we went to work in the kitchen making coffee in a Stainless Steel pressure cooker. This is how the pressure cooker coffee was discovered. Pressure cooker coffee is an easy method to make great coffee at home with minimal effort.

Pressure Cooker Coffee, the new way to make coffee

The way to make pressure cooker coffee is like this. Take a stainless steel pressure cooker, half fill it with water. It is better not to overfill because in case the whistle blows, some coffee could spill over through the pressure cooker weight valve. The best water to use with coffee is Reverse Osmosis water or RO water from the home water filter. As a rough guide use one heaped teaspoon per cup, that is about 6 grams coffee per heaped teaspoon in 250 ml of water which works out to 24 grams coffee per liter of water. Adjust this coffee measurement to your liking.

We used top quality GI (Geographical Indication) tagged Coorg Arabica Coffee granules. Stirr in the coffee granules in the cold water, close the pressure cooker and put it on a stove to heat it. As soon as the pressure cooker pressure inside builds up and is ready to blow the first whistle, turn off the stove. Wait for about half an hour for the pressure cooker to cool and the pressure inside has gone down. Then only open the pressure cooker and gently pour the coffee into a glass jar without disturbing the sediment which is left back in the pressure cooker. This way, no steam escapes with the coffee flavours.

Taste time! We all took a cup of the pressure cooker coffee from the glass jar, microwaved it for a few seconds to make it piping hot, added milk and sugar and tasted it. Wow! fantastic tasting coffee!

We were scared whether the coffee would taste bitter, similar to tea when over brewed for too long. But nothing of the sort. This is a great way to make coffee, contrary to what many experts say - that you should not brew coffee for more than 30 seconds or so. Most of these experts are pure black coffee drinkers who use no milk, cream or sugar in their coffee. They brew their coffee with a lot more coffee powder or granules in their coffee - 60 grams per liter of water, whereas we are using less than half - 24 grams per liter of water. Our coffee is meant to be taken with Milk or Creamer and added sugar. This is how the majority of people drink their coffee. Here we would like to mention that we use "Coffee-Mate", a Nestle Coffee Creamer instead of milk and it is a fantastic coffee creamer - super tasting coffee!

Pressure cooker coffee is a stronger coffee than if it were brewed in the regular way. It is more like espresso coffee where high pressure and high temperature is made use of. All of us enjoyed the pressure cooker coffee. You should also give it a try. We stored the excess coffee in the fridge. Next day we heated the coffee in a microwave and drank it. No problem, still great tasting - you can store this coffee for upto 2 days in the fridge without it going stale. Can also have cold coffee whenever you prefer.

Best coffee making recipe

So now we have come to the conclusion that for making the best coffee possible we must follow the following logic. This should lead to the best recipe for making that perfect cup of coffee.

  1. Grinding roasted coffee beans just before brewing it. Freshly ground coffee has a superior taste. This is because the coffee flavours sealed within the coffee beans do not come into contact with air and get oxidised to lose its flavour. Also the coffee stored in powder form continues to lose its flavour slowly over time due to oxidation and evaporation. To grind coffee beans, a simple hand grinder is best, because you can control the particle size of the coffee powder. We are in the process of sourcing the best value for money manual hand grinding machine which can grind coffee in small batches. Soon you will find details on this website.
  2. Roasting Coffee Beans at home: Green coffee beans do not lose its quality if stored for up to about 2 years, but the fresher it is the better. Once coffee beans are roasted, it should not be stored for more than 2 weeks, because it will start losing its flavour after that. After roasting coffee, you should not use it immediately, because the roasting process releases some gasses, especially CO2. These gasses should be allowed to escape from the coffee beans. After roasting, the roasted coffee beans should be stored in a container with the lid loosely closed, so that the coffee roasting gasses can escape. Allow 2 days for this so called coffee rest period. It is best to start using freshly roasted coffee after 2 days of roasting and to finish it within 10 to 30 days at the most. Roasting coffee beans on our own is the best way to enjoy our coffee. To roast coffee you need a temperature of over 250°C. There are some small automatic electric coffee roasters abroad but not in India. So we are trying to import some and offer it online. Another option is to roast coffee in a cast iron pan or skillet over electric or gas stoves. You need to stir all the time and quickly cool the coffee beans once it reaches the roasting point. Needs a bit of skill. We are working hard finding solutions for home roasting of Coffee beans. Soon the details including pricing will be published on this website.
  3. Coffee Brewing Machines: There are many coffee brewing machines some cheap and some unreasonably expensive. We are searching for simple, value for money, coffee making devices that can make really good coffee. Again it will be on our website soon.
  4. Use best Coffee beans: We don’t have to tell you, that more than all the coffee making techniques and devices, it is the coffee beans that makes the difference in the final cup of coffee. We are finalising the list of the best coffee beans to offer. Most of the coffee beans we shall have on sale soon, will be sourced from the best growers in India.

So please wait for the commercial launch of this website in the very near future.
Thank You